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PotenShaa® is a unique combination of carefully selected anti-aging ingredients, including essential oils and homeopathic remedies for balancing the facial skin.  Used mostly as a moisturizer, our synergistic combination of 21 organic and wild-crafted oils work in a holistic manner for producing soft youthful skin. PotenShaa is the first product to successfully blend homeopathic remedies with pure essential oils for harmonizing mentally, emotionally and physically. The ingredients are all of the earth. Nothing else has been added.

PotenShaa offers two wonderful products. The PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil and Energized Body Lotion

PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil is to be used in place of regular moisturizer, acts as an anti-aging organic moisturizer.  This beautiful blend of light and energized oils is quickly absorbed, balancing both dry and oily skin types.  Facial skin softens almost immediately and fine facial wrinkles seem to disappear within a few days of use.

Energized Skin Lotion by PotenShaa also offers a blend of color homeopathy and carefully selected essential oils which glides onto the skin for a readily absorbed smoothing lotion.

This marvelous homeopathic blend of specially selected, certified organic oils, is one of my very favorite products to apply to my skin. It has antioxidant properties that absorb quickly & easily without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling, plus, is wont clog your pours! BONUS: It smells absolutely AMAZING!! ~ Jacqueline

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